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You're the Light CD
Song Tracks
1. My Only Hope
2. It's With You I Want To Be
3. You're The Light
4. Greater In My Life
5. My Father's Love
6. I Trust In You
7. Looking Back To You
8. Holy Majesty
9. I'm Living
10. You Lead The Way
You're the Light   You're the Light
For Eternity CD
Song Tracks
1. I Run To You
2. Reaching Ahead
3. For Eternity
4. More Than Everything
5. A Heart Like Yours
6. In Your Love
7. Jesus Alone
8. On The Way
9. In Your Truth And Grace
10. This Place I Belong
For Eternity   For Eternity
Reaching Ahead EP
Song Tracks
1. In Your Love
2. Reaching Ahead
3. Jesus Alone
Reaching Ahead EP   Reaching Ahead EP
Song Tracks
1. God Our Provider
2. Faith Of A Child
3. The Great Testimony
4. Freedom Come
5. For All To Hear
6. The God Above All Odds
7. Jesus Our Redeemer
8. The Love He Has Shown
9. Mark IV
10. Receive The Promise
11. O, How I Love Jesus

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